We strongly recommend you to stay at the same hotel where the conference takes place, Khum Phucome Hotel. All the events take place in the hotel; scientific meetings, banquet, to leave for the excursion and so on. The hotel fare is specially set for the ACA conference with the government rate. All rooms are accommodated in a building connected to the conference area and you can rest at rooms at any time you want. The hotel locates at distance of about 15 minutes by a taxi from Chiang Mai airport and of a few minutes to the down town. Wi-fi is available in every room.

Attendants are supposed to book room at Khum Phucome Hotel directly and individually by following the process given in this web. You are advised to inform the hotel that you are attending at the ACA. If you like to stay continuously before or after the conference the same fare is applied.

A deluxe room (A)

  • 46 m2 with two beds
  • Including the breakfast

Costs ฿1,400 per room (not per person)

If you like to add one more bed you can get it with additional ฿500 and three persons can share the room without feeling any inconvenience.  

An executive deluxe room (B)

  • 64 m2, two beds
  • Including the breakfast

฿1,600 per room (not per person)

฿500 for an additional 1 bed with the breakfast.

A luxury junior suit room (C)

  • 84 m2 has a living room attached to the bed room
  • Including the breakfast

฿2,500  per room (not per person)