Reception and Banquet

Khan tok dinner with northern thai classical dances and drum performance.

The traditional northern Thai style of serving food on a raised tray known as a “Khan tok”. In the present time, it is also a tradition that has become a popular way of welcoming guests, which is referred to “Khan tok dinner” so that you can relax and recline on cushions with northern Thai style food which involves with different kind of food such as sticky rice, hangle curry (Burmese-styled curry), saiua (Northern Thai-styled sausage), nam phrik ong (a sauce of minced pork, tomatoes and chilies) which usually goes with khaep mu (crispy pork rinds), and khao soi (noodles in curry soup).

While dining, Northern classical dances and drum performance are performed to entertain guests. One of the most popular is fon lep or fingernail dance, in which women dancers are dressed in Northern Thai style, wearing long pointed brass fingernails. Moreover, Klong Sabud Chai or drum of victory is the most famous drum in northern Thailand, hanging on the double wooden bars carried by men. It is and old traditional Lanna drum performance which has acrobatics character excitedly and using parts of the body such has elbows, knees and head in the beating the drum. In the past people play Klong Sabud Chai in order to encourage the soldiers before fighting battle during the war. The drum is also played after they won the war. Nowadays, the drummers are accomplished in the art of music and dancing and they show off their skills with elbows, legs, heads and body movements. Drum is played in tune with the sound of cymbals merrily to give pleasure to listeners.

This is your chance to join and experience a piece of ancient Thai food and Thai culture.